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Sennheiser PC 350

Sennheiser PC 350

The PC 350 headset is a circum aural, closed type headset that shuts out disturbing noises from your environment.

The special shaping of the frequency response is optimized for binaural perception, improving your ability to detect where a sound comes from.

Sound perception is so precise you literally feel you´re in the game.

Closed type, circum aural PC gaming headset
Superior passive attenuation of ambient noise
Frequency response optimized for Binaural Perception
Large size ear cups for comfortable wearing during long gaming sessions
Large size microphone for highest intelligibility
Optimized for Binaural Perception
Passive attenuation of up to 32dB
Patented Duofol Diaphragm technology
Adaptive baffle damping
Collapsible for easy transport
Volume Control with microphone mute
Connects to virtually any PC sound card

Technical data:
Headphone Type Circum aural, closed
Speaker Type Dynamic, 38mm, Nd magnet
Frequency Response 10Hz – 26,000Hz
Impedance 150Ohms
Sensitivity 108dBSPL
Distortion < 0.1%
Pick-up Pattern Noise Cancelling
Frequency Response 50Hz . 16,000Hz
Sensitivity -38dBV at 94dBSPL
Cable Length 3m
Connectors Two 1/8” / 3.5mm plug
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