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Targus Stand Ergo D-Pro for notebooks

Targus Stand Ergo D-Pro for notebooks

Targus Ergo D-Pro Notebook Stand

The Ergo D-Pro Notebook Stand has multiple tilt positions to hold your notebook in a vertical position to allow the notebook LCD to be used as the display.

The height adjustment feature ensures you position the LCD screen in the most ergonomic position for your eye-line. With the addition of a module support the notebook stand can also support OEM docking stations in the upright configuration.

Additional features include a compartment that can store a mobile docking station or USB hub and a document holder which is positioned directly in front of the notebook user. A rotating base is also included to allow you to share your notebook screen with someone sitting next to you.

Compatible with all PC and Mac notebooks up to 17". Must be used in conjunction with a separate keyboard. To use an OEM docking station, you may require the Targus Port Replicator Module.

- Height adjustable stand allows notebook screen to be raised to varying positions to suit individual user eye-line
- Document holder for paperwork allows loose papers to be neatly placed at the correct eye-level
- Connectivity Provides seamless integration for use with Mobile Docking Station
- Security lock slot for security cables allows the user to secure notebook stand and peripherals. Compatible with the Targus Video Port Lock
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