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Targus Bluetooth Multimedia keypad

Targus Bluetooth Multimedia keypad

2.4GHz Bluetooth technology allows this multimedia keypad to seamlessly interface with Bluetooth enabled computers.

The Targus Bluetooth Multimedia Keypad features control buttons which enhance multimedia functionality for users wanting to control music and video applications from their desktop, a battery-low indicator and full-size keycaps for easy data input.

The Bluetooth technology offers a 33 feet/10 meter operating range. Great for travel.

- Fast and accurate wireless numerical data entry
- Control media player up to 10 meters
- 2.4GHz Bluetooth technology: Works seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled computers; no software or receiver required
- Multimedia remote control: Includes remote control for your computer’s multimedia player
- 19-key compact keypad for quick entry of accounting and financial data
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Targus (AKP03EU)
2009-06-29 18:54:00
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