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Targus Retractable Defcon 1 Cable Lock

Targus Retractable Defcon 1 Cable Lock

The Targus Retractable Defcon® 1 Notebook Cable Lock is the portable security solution. Use it on the go to secure any notebook with a lock slot, or sports equipment and other personal belongings.

This compact lock has a retractable steel cable and comes with a lock slot adapter which cleverly stores inside the Defcon®1 case. Choose and change your combination code with the user resettable combination lock (with over 10,000 possible combinations).

- Protection: Designed to easily and quickly secure notebooks, sporting equipment and other personal belongings; includes the lock slot adapter and features a user-resettable combination – up to 10,000 different combinations possible

- Convenience: the lock retracts into a durable casing that also stores the lock adapter; compact form factor provides an easy to use, highly portable lock system, perfect for travel
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2009-06-29 19:01:00
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