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Targus Lock Defcon VGA port combination

Targus Lock Defcon VGA port combination

Targus DEFCON® VPCL Lock

The DEFCON® Video Port Combination Lock (VPCL) is the only system that combines a galvanized steel cable with a high quality 4-digit resettable combination lock and is designed to fit the video port of any desktop/notebook computer.

With up to 10,000 user-settable combinations, this keyless security cable lock is hassle-free. Simply secure your computer to an immovable object and your DEFCON® VPCL will deter thieves from trying to steal it.

The DEFCON® VPCL utilises a specially designed pass through video cable to allow the use of your monitor/projector while the DEFCON® VPCL is secured. The DEFCON® VPCL’s unique serial lock design makes this product truly one of the toughest and strongest locks out in the market place.

- One of the toughest and strongest security locking devices out in the market place
- Attaches securely to the video port of all desktop/notebook computers
- Pass-through video port cable design allows access to monitor/projector
- Up to 10,000 user-settable combinations in a tamper-resistant lock
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» Targus Lock Defcon VGA port combination
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2009-06-29 19:00:00
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