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Targus Home/Office 90W Laptop Power Adapter

Targus Home/Office 90W Laptop Power Adapter

The Targus AC Notebook Power Adapter is the ideal secondary / replacement power solution for mobile users.

Utilising an interchangeable intelligent tip system, this power adapter is compatible with all major notebook brands and will provide up to 90W continuous power.

Combined with our Accessory Powering System, you can simultaneously charge or power your mobile phone or PDA (via separately sold tips) thereby eliminating the need to carry extra bulky power adapters or chargers.

- Single source power: Power your laptop at home or in the office, whilst simultaneously charging your mobile phone, MP3 player or other digital devices (digital device tips are sold separately)
- Comprehensive compatibility: Compatible with major laptop and digital device brands
- Portable power: The compact design makes this adapter the ideal replacement or addition to your power needs
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» Targus Home/Office 90W Laptop Power Adapter
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2009-06-29 18:43:00
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